colors that make small rooms appear larger

4 Excellent And Creative Ways To Use Wallpaper At Home

Items that are intended for as specific purpose are not always used in that way. Did you know Play-Doh was originally meant to be a wallpaper cleaner? With wallpaper, it is meant to go on the wall, but that doesn't mean the wall is the only place that it can go. Here are a few creative ways you can use wallpaper other than on your home's walls:

Wrapping a Present.

When it comes to wrapping presents, it can be hard to find that wrapping paper that fits just right for the occasion or the person that the gift is for. There just isn't much variety when it comes to this type of paper. One solution is to use wallpaper. Although it may be a bit out there, it is a logical idea that definitely works. There are hundreds or even thousands of wallpaper designs, which guarantees that you'll find something that will work.

Making Your Own Wall Decor.

Art and decor can be very subjective. What you think looks great may not be something someone else would want to put up in their own house. There are certain things that will speak to you as an individual, whether it be designs, shapes or colors. If you like to create your own artwork and wall décor, you may want to consider framing some wallpaper. With the countless designs and colors available, you will surely be able to find something that will fit in well in your house.

Spruce Up a Lamp Shade.

Although there are more designs and colors available today than there were a decade or two ago, it can be hard to find the perfect design and shade of color on a lamp shade to match the rest of the décor in your home. In fact, many lamp shades are pretty dull, boring and lackluster. To help spruce things up a bit and to ensure you get the perfect fit, you can use wallpaper to create a custom design that you'll likely love for years to come.

Create an Accent Wall.

Most people know about creating an accent wall by painting one wall a different color (usually bolder or lighter) than the rest of the walls in the same room. Well, instead of using paint, you can do the same thing with wallpaper. Find the wall in the room that you want a guest's gaze to be drawn to and use a complementary wallpaper to create the focal point of the space.

While it is great on the walls, either as a focal point or an all-over application, wallpaper can also be used in several other ways. Your imagination is truly your limit with what you can do with wallpaper. To learn more, contact a company like Steeles Paint & Decorating Ltd with any questions you have.

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colors that make small rooms appear larger

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