colors that make small rooms appear larger

How To Paint Interior Wall Lines

Textured drywall is the most common interior wall surface. It is an easy material to work with and it can be painted and repainted as often as you want. Repainting your drywall is a smart remodel and a fun way to change the look of a room. It is also a popular remodel because it is so easy to do. You can do most of the work with a paint roller and brushes. That being said, there are some tricky parts of the job. The hardest part is painting the straight edges along the baseboard and in the corners. This article explains a special trick for getting the straightest paint lines. 

Using Tape and Spackling Paste

The key to getting the best lines is to use spackling paste along with the tape. Use painter's tape that is designated for use on textured drywall. It is much easier if you use a tape that is at least 2" wide. This allows more room for mistakes. First, apply the tape as straight as possible. Don't bother using a level or yard stick to get straight lines. Instead, follow the line of the drywall corner or the molding caulk. These lines are not always perfectly straight or level, so your tape line could end up crooked if you don't follow the existing lines of the drywall.

Now, you want to apply the lightweight spackle over the tape. You will only need a small amount of spackle, so don't buy a huge can. Only spread it over the side of the tape that you are going to paint over. If you wear latex gloves, you can easily spread the spackle with your fingers without drying out your hands. Just be sure to rub the spackle very thinly onto the wall, so there is only a thin film left behind. You want to avoid altering the actual wall texture. The spackle will fill in the tiny gaps and air bubbles that usually form underneath the tape line. Without the spackle, paint will seep underneath the tape and leave a splotchy line when everything has dried. After you have painted over the tape line, you can pull the tape off immediately. You can wait for the paint to dry if you prefer.

The end result will be very straight and clean lines. All of your friends and neighbors will ask how you got such perfect paint lines! For further assistance, contact local professional painters.

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colors that make small rooms appear larger

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