colors that make small rooms appear larger

Spouse Going On A Business Trip Soon? Surprise Them By Getting Your Home's Interior Painted

If you are a stay-at home parent or work part-time at home, you are in the perfect situation to surprise your spouse with things while they are at work. It's also possible to take on major projects when they go on a business trip, such as painting the interior of your home. With latex paint taking 4 hours before you can apply a new coat, and oil-based paint at 24 hours, this process can take a few days. So, as long as your spouse is gone long enough, you can get it professionally painted before they come home.

Discuss Paint Color Preferences Right Away

Whether you have equal, majority, or total control of how the house is decorated, you should make sure to discuss what colors your spouse likes before they go on their business trip. The earlier you have the discussion, the less likely they will be to suspect you of getting the house painted while they are away.

Although you may want to get extra creative with the paint colors you suggest and discuss, you should try to harness your risk-taking as tested paint colors provide you with better opportunities for decorating. It is easy to change a decoration piece or two when you no longer want to have a specific style, but to change the wall color, you would have to go through the process of painting the home again. Some paint colors that you can feel confident in choosing include blue, gray, lavender, white, and black.

Take Care of Getting the House Ready

Getting ready to paint the home is not necessarily the easiest task, especially if you have children and pets that must be accounted for. The first step you will want to take is rearranging the furniture and taking all decorations off of the walls as the painters will need this space for workspace and painting. Also, since the paint can release harmful chemicals into the air, you will want to leave while the painters work.

Painting your home's interior can sort of put your life at home on pause until it is finished, so it is almost guaranteed that your spouse will appreciate not having to worry about handling this kind of situation.

With a 1,200 to 1,500 square foot home averaging somewhere between $1,100 and $2,000 for painting, you should only surprise them when you have already agreed that the house should be painted soon. After they get back from their trip, they will walk into the sight of a beautiful and revitalized home. Contact a painting company like Euro-Men Painting Ltd today.

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colors that make small rooms appear larger

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