colors that make small rooms appear larger

Preparing For Professional Painting

Hiring a professional to paint your home is so much easier than trying to do it yourself. The pros have the equipment and knowledge to make sure the results are even and beautiful. They can also recommend colors that will add timeless appeal to your space. However, although the painters will do most of the hard work, you will want to spend a little time preparing for their arrival. Although your painters may not require that these things be done prior to the start of their work, they will certainly appreciate it — and it may help your project move along faster.

1. Prep the walls.

Your painter will certainly apply any primer that needs to be used, and you should leave that part to them since they know best what primers work in certain situations and with certain paints. However, what you should do is otherwise prepare the walls for the primer. Unless your painter has specified that they will fill nail holes for you, go through the house and patch the nail holes and other divots with joint compound. If there are any greasy spots in the walls, such as where the stove used to sit, use a degreasing agent to wipe them down. Scrub any dirty walls with soap and detergent. Do this a few days before your painting project is scheduled to begin so the walls have time to dry.

2. Move any fragile or valuable items.

Your painters should bring sheets to cover the items in a room while they work. They'll typically move everything into the center of the room so they can access the walls easily. If there are any fragile or valuable items in the rooms to be painted, move them out and set them somewhere safe. Your painters will appreciate not having to be hyper-careful around them, and you'll have some peace of mind knowing they are not at risk of having paint dribbled on them.

3. Clear the pathway.

Your painters will be bringing some heavy and cumbersome equipment, such as step ladders, into your home. Make sure there is a clear pathway to the rooms that need to be painted. Move any rugs; these are a tripping hazard when people are carrying heavy items. Also remove paintings from the walls in hallways, as these can accidentally get bumped into.

If you complete these three tasks before your painters arrive, they'll be very thankful.

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colors that make small rooms appear larger

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